Hands On Orgasms 2

Wow! Thank you for letting us know how much you enjoyed Hands-On Orgasms 1! As a token of our appreciation, Hands-On Orgasms 2 is now here! So, while we realize this may not be to everyone's taste, there is a definite group out there who enjoys the hands-on action. Here are some more of our favourite models allowing the videographer to “play with them” until they cum and cum and cum! There are twice nice, multi-orgasmic scenes featured on this DVD.

The lovely Ayla is featured first on the Hands-On 2 DVD – or at least her nice, wet, lippy pussy is! First Ayla takes off her skirt and panties, then she asks the videographer, “Would you like to play with me?”! How many ways can you say Yes!?! And so we begin with a very close-up camera angle of Ayla's cooch. The videographer begins my slowly massaging her clit and I can't help but notice that Ayla is already glistening between her folds. As his fingers go round and round on her clit, Ayla's hips are slowly rising and falling. At times, there are two hands on Ayla, one pulling her hood back while the other massages, fingers, and dips into her wetness – which you can hear! Some of that wetness is used to rub directly on Ayla's clit. With a deep long moan, Ayla cums for the first time with lots of nice contractions as her clit is massaged. After the first orgasm, the cameraman inserts his middle finger deep into Ayla's wet pussy to finger her and stimulate her g-spot. After a bit, the cameraman's wet fingers are brought back out to massage Ayla's clitoris some more. And judging by the soft up and down motions and the wetness running down to Ayla's bum, I'd say she likes it! After a few more minutes of rubbing and with another nice deep moan, Ayla cums again! I like the “look” of this orgasm, because the videographer was really rubbing on her clit, which was causing Ayla's large lips to “flap” up and down just before and during her orgasm! Kinda neat! She is absolutely soaking wet with clear pussy juices afterwards. The cameraman asks her if that was nice and she says it was lovely! He takes a moment to play with her stringy wetness before reaching for the black thingy massager and trying for one more orgasm! Ayla is so wet, the juices are running right down to the comforter on the bed and as she lifts her bottom up a bit, one can really see all the wetness. With the toy buzzing away, Ayla's hips begin to rise and fall more and more until she cums for a third time! With just a nice long moan, or rather a series of moans, and lots of nice contractions! Ayla is a bit sensitive afterwards, too! Ayla says, “That was fantastic!” as the videographer plays with all her juices some more and notes how enlarged her clitoris is for the camera. Nice cooch!

The gorgeous and sexy Moroccan Zahra's cooch is featured in the next three orgasm hands-on scene! Zahra lifts her dress up while wearing black knee-high stockings and black panties. Zahra dips her hand into her panties getting a good feel of her bits for a few minutes. After a few minutes, Zahra slowly removes her panties and is then joined by the videographer who settles, seated, on the bed beside her. Only Zahra's lower body and cooch are visible, as well as the hands of the videographer. He begins by slowly rubbing in small circular motions on her clit. After a bit, he adds a small pink buzzy vibe into the action while Zahra lays back and enjoys it all. When the clit massaging and vibe buzzing gets Zahra riled up, but doesn't quite get her all-the-way-there, the videographer wisely hands the vibrator to her for her to take matters into her own hands! And within just a few minutes, Zahra has her first orgasm in this scene – and it's a nice, long one with Zahra's classic little hissing sound, a couple of big contractions and then lots of quick, rapid ones, too. Zahra is sensitive and re-arranges the toy. She lets the cameraman know that she could cum again and he tells her to, “Go on, then!” And very quickly she is moaning and hissing quietly and then cumming hard again! The videographer teases Zahra into trying for one more and she obliges! This third one takes a little bit of time for Zahra to find, but once she does, it's another really nice orgasm with lots of nice pulling contractions, soft hissing and moaning and her trademark, “Oh, yes!”. She says she is so sensitive!

Brand new-cummer Petra is featured next – seated in the orgasm chair. She is bound at the ankles and we can see all of her face and body. The videographer starts with the pink vibe. After a bit, the camera angle changes to a complete aerial cooch view. Petra's lips are shaved, but she has a nice amount of hair above. The tip of the pink vibe is gently applied to Petra's clitoris as she softly moans and gasps – I think she came, but I couldn't spot any of the classic, clear, tell-tale contractions, but she sounded like she did the deed. The toy is rotated and again used on Petra's clit. She is getting nicely wet and the cameraman wants to reach in to use some of that wetness to lubricate her clit. She squirms and moans and groans and gasps some more and I think she is cumming, but again, I have a tough time seeing the classic contractions. She is rattled afterwards – panting, exhausted and light-headed.

Another brand new-cummer, Jewel, is featured next. She removes her clothing and panties and settles back on the sofa. She keeps her rather well-endowed breasts within the confines of a sexy blue and black bra. Jewel's cooch is completely clean shaved. The videographer begins by gently rubbing her clitoris for a bit before reaching for and using the black thingy massager. After a bit, the toy is turned over to Jewel to allow her to take matters into her own hands. With her legs pulled up and the toy working on her clitoris, her pussy is getting noticeably redder. The hands-on action is sort of abandoned in this scene, but nevertheless, Jewel does become nicely wet with just little, really tough to spot contractions. I actually saw the contractions more clearly the second time I watched the scene. The cameraman thought she didn't cum, but I think she did!

(Length: 1 hour 9 minutes)

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