Hands On Orgasms 3

We've been told how hot and sexy these hands-on scenes are, so here's another DVD to add to the real orgasm collection!

There's a pretty pair of pink panties with a pussy beneath being massaged by a nicely manicured hand. After a bit of rubbing the panties are pushed aside revealing a nice lippy cooch. After a few more minutes, the panties are taken off completely as the fingers rub, rub, rub and massage that clit. Suddenly, I hear a little buzzy toy begin – it's the blue dolphin. Then a man's hand comes into view as his fingers gently fold back a labia and wander across that pussy and bottom. The model is really beginning to moan and bounce her hips up and down – the man's hand now has a fairly firm grasp on a butt cheek and then we hear louder moaning and panting as the orgasmic contractions take hold. After that orgasm, there is a brief pause in the hands-on action due to a really bad leg cramp. The silver bullet vibe comes out to play next, and is sort of resting between her pussy lips with the top end of the toy buzzing on her clit. A bit of moisture is beginning to form. The model moans and pants pretty loudly and reaches to really make sure that toy is on her clitoris while a big juicy drop of pussy juice is dangling. The juice gets rubbed in after that orgasm! But, she wants to give the magic wand a go because it's been recommended by her friend, Roxanne. So, the toy is placed on her cooch, on low power, and she immediately rocks up and down. When a finger is inserted into her pussy, she is literally screaming in orgasmic ecstasy and cumming again! (This was Tammie Lee's cooch, btw.)

Next we see all of Robyn Truelove enjoying a little finger massage and narrating us through her hands-on experience. She's wearing a pair of tight black panties and she lifts her shirt to play with her nipples as the hand “plays with her pussy”. After a few minutes, she wants to get those panties off so we can see her shaved pussy. The hand massages Robyn's clit and gently around her perineum. She is getting pretty wet, naturally, too. Just one finger is massaging her clitoris in small circular motions and Robyn let's us know just how good that is feeling. Another hands inserts a finger into her vagina, while the other finger continues to play with her clit. After a little bit, the egg style vibrator is turned to low power while holds her legs apart stirrup-style. Her legs go back down as Robyn lets us know exactly how fast she wants the toy to go and how exactly how good it all feels. She's quite talkative! She wants to try to make this orgasm “last for ages”. After just a few minutes, Robyn let's us know she's about to cum and cums hard – asking if we're going to watch her “fucking spunk!” And we can see it all! She fans her pussy as a finger moves in and out of her vagina. Robyn admires the egg-style vibrator and decides that she wants to try it again for another orgasm. A little more lube is applied before the toy goes back inside her vagina on low speed while a finger rubs her clitoris. She asks for the toy to brought back up to her clitoris and gives an “Oh, yes”. She instructs the videographer where to place the toy and how fast to adjust the speed again, then pulls her legs up, lifts her head and gets ready to cum again. Which she does – this time with not quite as visible contractions, but it was definitely real and definitely visible. Next Robyn wants a little bit of anal play, so some lube is applied to her bottom and the toy, and then inserted into her bottom, but she decided she didn't really like the vibration going on inside there.

Amber Leigh's pussy is featured next enjoying some stimulation from a pocket rocket. Her lips are spread and gently massaged while the pocket rocket buzzes directly down upon her clitoris. She is pulling back on her pubic mound pretty firmly, too. A finger or two starts working in and out of Amber's vagina, then she rather suddenly clenches her legs together and cums – she screams a little scream as white cum juice is squeezed out of her vagina. Her clit is very sensitive after that one, but the pocket rocket keeps buzzing away on her clitoris while the white juice pools. A couple of fingers are used to spread her lips apart a bit more as Amber's bottom rises and falls. Her legs begin to twitch and Amber starts to grunt a bit. It's not long before her pussy is pushing out and protruding into another clenching orgasm. There's lots of white juice for the hand to play with and rub onto her pussy. The pocket rocket goes back onto her clitoris as Amber wriggles into a potential third orgasm – I'm not sure if she did or didn't on the third attempt.

Brunette Penelop is featured next, lying lightly bound on the bed with ropes around her legs and a bar shackle on her arms. She announces she is “ready” for the magic wand which is lightly moved all around her body. Penelope lets us know that she really likes the fact she can't move very much. The toy is very intense, she says. She begins to hiss and buckher hips up and down quite a bit. Then the toy is moved and along her breasts and torso. When the toy goes back to her pussy, she wriggles and thrashes all around before cumming. She has a lippy cooch, too, which is completely shaved. When Penelope cums, she squirts a little bit and then giggles because she is just discovering she's a squirter. The toy goes back on her clit and pussy, but it's a bit too intense for her. So, the wand moves up to her breasts and then back down to her pussy, and she cums and squirts again. There is another short little reprieve before the toy goes back on her pussy. It's very intense for her and she bucks and moans and hisses quite a bit. The toy is turned down to lower speed and placed back on her cooch, then she says, ‘Oh yeah, keep doing that!” before cumming and squirting again! The toy is turned back up to high power as she rides the wand and clutches her breast asking him to push it really hard into her pussy. Penelope cums again, this one with a big squirt. She says she can't breath and she asks the videographer to release her. She sits up and examines herself. She says she could get used to this bondage thing!

Another lippy cooch, Crystel's, is sitting in the orgasm chair enjoying a pocket rocket. This is another completely shaved pussy, but Crystel has a large clit piercing and a rather protruding clitoris, too. Crystel really enjoys fingers inside her vagina with quite a lot of action and squirting. You can actually hear the wetness building as her pussy is fingered and she starts this multi-orgasm session. A lot of air escapes from her pussy, too, so there are lots of interesting noises to complement this scene. I can just notice the purple clips clamped on her nipples at certain angles. With lots of fingering action and moaning and rocking Crystel has several orgasms – it was tough to spot contractions because of all of the motion and action going on, but I'm certain she came many, many, times. A couple of her squirts were quite powerful and soaked the cameraman's trousers. When a thumb starts to massage her bottom and perineum, Crystel moans even more. At one point, she is cumming and she just says, “Ummm. That's nice!” The pocket rocket is really moving quickly back and forth over her clitoris while two fingers are massaging inside her vagina. Crystel's pussy is gooey and drippy wet – almost frothy – by the end! And even when I didn't think it was possible, Crystel still has a few more orgasms left!

(Length: 1hour 11 minutes)

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