Hands On Orgasms 4

Our exclusive and extremely popular hands-on orgasm series continues with the fourth DVD!

Large breasted blonde Kitty Kat is reatured first. She has getting her clitoris massaged by the cameraman as her lesbian lover Rio Lee talks dirty to Kitty Kat in the background (we can't see Rio at all). The cameraman continues rub and massage her clitoris – which Kitty Kat really seems to enjoy. After a few moments, the little dolphin toy is turned on and used on her pussy. Kitty Kat immediately begins to hiss, “oh and ah”. With just minimal time and stimulation with the toy, Kitty Kat has a nice pulsating orgasm complete with visible contractions. The cameraman reaches down and continues to massage and gently stimulate her clitoris until she cums again. Kitty Kat is in total ecstasy – grinning and smiling and writhing afterwards.

Large-lipped Ayla is having her pussy and clitoris rubbed next in close-up view. Ayla gets wet – really wet! Her juices are literally dripping down to the chair cushion. For lack of a better name, the black thingy massager is going round and round on Ayla's clitoris. She really enjoys it, but they politely asks, “Does it have a harder setting?” The cameraman adjusts the power on the toy. Ayla is murmuring and moaning and the wetness just keeps running out of her pussy. With the toy going round and round over her clitoris and lips and her hips starting to rise and fall, Ayla is just ready to orgasm – and she does! With goose bumps, whimpering, ohhs, heavy breathing, and a big “oh god!” Ayla has a great, strong, contracting orgasm. The cameraman can't resist dipping his fingers in and asking if that was ok. Ayla gives a lovely, “That was marvelous, thank you!” It looked and sounded so, too.

Wearing black panties and stocking trimmed with little pink bows, Paige Ashley is enjoying the feel of the cameraman running the little blue dolphin over her clitoris. This is a close-up cooch view. It doesn't take much for Paige to have an orgasm and after just a few minutes of the dolphin perched directly on the end of her clitoris, Paige has a big, strong, contracting orgasm. The cameraman continues to gently stimulate her clitoris with the toy and simultaneously pull back on her clit with her fingers until Paige is moaning and groaning in orgasmic ecstasy again! Her pussy and bum are contracting quite visibly again! Net, the cameraman brings out the silver egg style vibrator and starts it on very low power just dangling it over Paiges pretty pussy and clitoris. With it just touching the end of her clitoris, the power is increased and her clitoral hood is pulled back a bit. It doesn't take long at all before Paige is cumming for the third time! She is really hissing and moaning and contracting hard – just literally shaking all over with this orgasm! She giggles and covers her quivering pussy with hand – enough! The cameraman lets her know he has more toys to try, but gives her a ‘bit of a break' by massaging her clitoris with his fingers. He asks Paige if she ever masturbates using just her fingers. I think the questions make her nervous because she giggles a bit and says, “Not really.” He then asks her when she got her first toy and she says she can't really remember, but she did buy it herself. Then, the pocket rocket is turned on and placed on Paige's clitoris – rubbing quickly back and forth, back and forth until she is moaning and groaning and cumming for the fourth time in this scene!! Again, her legs are quivering as her pussy is contracting. Paige giggles some more and agrees to come back again!

Next we see a thumb and hand massaging Red's clitoris while she is lying on the bed. She has an apparent orgasm very quickly, but I couldn't see any strong, obvious contractions. Then, the cameraman licks her fingers and inserts them into her vagina, going in and out and pressing upward. He goes back to rubbing her clitoris, gently spreading her lips as she moans and groans and has another orgasm. He continues to massage her clit, with the other hand on one of her breasts. She bops her hips up and down as he rubs in circular motions, then throws one leg up in the air, then back down on the bed again as she cums again. The camera angle moves out to a more full-body view of the mature red being massaged by the fingers and she has another orgasm. The cameraman slaps her clitoris and cooch and she giggles. He then licks his fingers and inserts them into her pussy again – stimulating her g-spot until she says she cums again. Red says she can't cope with anymore, but the cameraman coaxes her into just one more, inserting his fingers yet again and stimulating upwards on g-spot. Within just a minute or two, Reds is cumming again. After a brief fade, Reds is back for even more hands-on orgasms – she really likes this stuff! She does have an interesting patch of very red hair on her pussy! The camera man massages her clitoris until she has one more orgasm.

Twenty-four year old Taylor-Ray is seated in the orgasm chair in a white button-up shirt and a pair of light pink panties. The cameraman is running the little blue dolphin vibe up and down her inner thighs and over her pussy. He also takes the toy up to her breasts and stimulates her nipples through the fabric of her shirt. He then attempts to un-button the blouse but has to ask her for assistance. He rubs her chest and nipples, then takes the toy up to her nipples – which immediately perk up in response to the vibes from the little toy. The toy moves back down to her panty-covered crotch. Eventually the panties are completely removed and the toy is changed to the egg-style silver vibrator. This is more of a full-body view of the hands-on action, btw. Taylor-Ray has a large tattoo on her tummy / pubic area, just above her pussy. After giving the silver bullet a go, the toy is again changed to the magic wand – first on low power then eventually increased to high power. Taylor-Ray takes a finger and pushes the toy down to the area where she best likes it. With the toy going in slow circular motions, Taylor-Ray has a nice orgasm, then the cameraman takes the toy off her pussy and turns it back down to low power – her clit is swollen and reddened. The cameraman is hoping for one more orgasm, but Taylor-Ray isn't ready for anymore.

A close-up view of Katja's pussy is next seen. She is seated in the chair and the camera man is buzzing away on her clitoris with the pocket rocket. She has a nice, lippy, cooch, too. (Well, we are a bit partial to lippy cooches around here …) The camera man pulls her lips apart from time-to-time and works the pocket rocket ‘round and ‘round in slow circular motions. Suddenly the phone rings in the background, but the action continues. With one hand pulling back on her hood and the toy working in small circles, Katja starts to develop the goose bumps. Katja's breathing becomes heavier and audible as her hips start to move up and down and her legs quiver. Her pussy is getting nicely wet, too. With one lip pulled aside and the toy directly moving on her clitoris, Katja lets out a little groan. But as close as she gets, she's still not ready to cum, yet. Technique is adjusted and modified to lay the pocket rocket more to one side of her clitoris in an up and down motion and again her breathing gets heavier and the drip moves down her bottom – just glistening – until Katja takes over the operation of the toy for herself. Within just a few minutes, she finds the magic spot and the right motion and Katja reaches a nice, visible, strong, contracting orgasm. She giggles and apologizes at the end, saying, “That was very nice!” The cameraman can't resist playing with her wetness!

(Length: 1 hour 1 minute)

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